The Uninformative Error Message Page


You may be at this page for any number of reasons that led you to "I'm having trouble logging in."

If you tried to use your member login information and received the message

"Your Profile has been marked as inactive. Please contact your administrator"

it probably means that your NCRAF membership has expired and it is time for you to renew your membership.

To renew, please perform the following steps in order:

1. click on the Membership Renewal button (at the left side of the webpage).
2. login when asked using your info (If you don't have it or forgot it, click on the "Forgot" links under the login boxes).
3. you will need a credit card (Visa, MC, AMEX).
4. Make sure to complete the entire process - you will be transferred to a confirmation page and will receive an email receipt at your listed email address.
5. Once logged in, the "Members Only" section will appear and you can navigate to the "Profile" page to change your password, etc.

If the above doesn't help or isn't your issue, please contact [email protected].


Note Bene: NCRAF does not have control over all aspects of the website, which is why you're here.