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Registration for the 2024 RAC Workshops are OPEN!!

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Workshop registration is $75

The first LIVE Q/A session is June 25 - sign up now to make the most of it!

This workshop series is a comprehensive overview of regulatory requirements for development, manufacture, marketing and compliance for drug and biological human medicines in the US, EU, and other countries. It is especially useful for those studying for the RAC certification exam, but also is valuable for anyone interested in learning more about WHY the industry operates as it does. Each session in the series features a lecturer with relevant industry or other "field" experience to illustrate the concepts discussed.


This year, we are revising the format to try to better serve the needs of registered attendees, while also respecting the time that instructors donate for this series. In recent years we have noted that attendees have been largely utilizing the recordings offline, rather than attending the live, scheduled lectures.

Therefore, because the regulations don’t change that much in one year, this year we will not present live lectures and instead will use previously recorded lectures. Further, we have grouped the lectures into "chapters" of related topics, and will hold monthly (live via Zoom) Q/A sessions with a subset of the instructors. Each Q/A session will be focused on the topics covered in a different “chapter”.  See the schedules (Chapters and Q/A Sessions button below) showing the chapters and dates for these Q/A sessions. NOTE that for three of the four Q/A sessions, both Pharm/Bio and Device registrants will attend. There will be one Q/A session specific to Pharm/Bio and one specific to Devices. The default format for these Q/A sessions will be open office hours for the attendees to bring any questions prompted by the lectures.

Chapters and Q/A Sessions




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